Birlasoft working on new sales strategy to build on growth momentum

Birlasoft working on new sales strategy to build on growth momentum

Pune: Mid-sized IT solutions provider Ltd. is working on a new strategy to build on the market’s growth momentum.

Earlier this year, it implemented a new channel sales strategy, which Chief Executive Officer Dharmender Kapoor said was working well, and resulting in new deals. “We want to bring more focus on the technology side,” Kapoor said.

Digital, infrastructure and cloud services, where it is seeing more business, do not fit into any of the traditional technology or industry classifications. “Digital goes across the board — it is a diagonal that cuts across every vertical and horizontal,” he said.

Birlasoft is trying to put its service lines front and centre to showcase them better when it approaches clients. For instance, it may not have telecom industry experience, but can showcase the relevant cloud or digital skills when pitching for a project. Kapoor said this would be rolled out by the end of the financial year.

Birlasoft’s profit rose 49.2% year-on-year to Rs 103.1 crore in the quarter ended Sept. 30 on the back of revenue that increased 18% over the year ago to Rs 1,011.7 crore. It announced deal wins worth $140 million during the second quarter.

On the sales strategy, Kapoor said the company was investing in pre-sales activities with some of its original equipment manufacturers. Given the current momentum in the IT sector, having a separate team to focus on winning new deals can provide an additional advantage, Kapoor said. “This is an additional advantage because right now as the momentum is there, it is always good to have an effort on the new customers that you can go and capture…”


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Kapoor said the momentum was expected to continue for the next few years.

“There’s a very clear visibility into the next six months and I don’t see any reason why the demand is going to go down. This is the budgeting quarter for most of our clients in the US and we will get to know what kind of budgets they actually have for the next financial year,” he said.

On Tuesday, Birlasoft shares fell 1.08% to Rs 407.90 apiece on the BSE while the benchmark Sensex ended the day 0.18% lower at 60,029.06 points.

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