Over 50% of employees likely to return to office thrice a week by Jan 2022: Nasscom

Over 50% of employees likely to return to office thrice a week by Jan 2022: Nasscom

Pune: More than 50% of India’s technology workforce is likely to return to office three times a week from January 2022, according to a study by industry body Nasscom.

Both employers and employees are equally interested in returning to the workplace in a hybrid setup, with junior and senior management (under 25 and over 40 years) more eager to do so, as compared to middle management, the report ‘Nasscom Return to Workplace Survey’ stated. The trend held true among women employees as well.

The study queried both tech employees and employers on their plans to return to offices, to understand their expectations, key considerations and preparedness.

“Over the last one-and-a-half years, the way tech organisations run business operations has undergone a massive transformation,” Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh said in the report. “The industry is now prepared to gradually reopen and is looking at perfecting a hybrid operating model which brings in the best of both onsite and remote operating models.”

According to the report:

  • More than 70% organisations plan to opt for a hybrid work model, with IT services and global capability centres likely to be early adopters of a long-term hybrid work model.
  • About 81% organisations said employee health and safety was a key consideration while reopening offices.
  • Around 72% said that they would look at operating at a maximum 50% employee capacity starting next year.

” Since the pandemic hit businesses across the globe, pushing employees indoors, many believed that the future of work was ‘remote’,” said Sashi Kumar, head of sales (India) at Indeed.com. “However, organisations and employees gradually realized that remote work is an outcome of the pandemic and not an evolved approach to workplace planning.”


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Indeed’s last hiring tracker indicated employees are looking for more ‘flexible’ workplaces that will enable work-home balance. “‘Nasscom Return to Workplace Survey’ reflects similar sentiment as more than half of employers and employees favor returning to office in a hybrid model, making it clear that the future of work is hybrid,” Kumar said.

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