twitter spaces: Twitter rolls out recording feature on Spaces

New Delhi: Twitter on Friday announced that the hosts of it’s audio chatroom Spaces can record the conversations and then share with others in a tweet. The new feature will initially be available to a limited number of Twitter Spaces Hosts on iOS (and all listeners on iOS and Android), and within a few weeks expand to everyone else, the company said in a statement.

“REC has started one feature you’ve been asking for is Spaces Recording and the ability to replay. Some hosts on iOS will now be able to record their Spaces and share it out to their audience. listeners on iOS and Android who can’t make it to the live Space can now catch up with the recording and jump in on the convo at any time,” the company said in a tweet.

Hosts will be able to download the audio of their session, which they can then edit as a podcast too.

How it works


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  • To create a Spaces Recording, hosts will need to toggle on ‘Record Space’ prior to launching a new Space. All participants will see a recording icon appear when they enter the Space indicating that the Space is being recorded.
  • Once the Space ends, hosts will have access to the full-length recording for 30 days after initial broadcast, during which they can share it or tweet it. Listeners will also have the ability to play back any recorded Space directly from their timeline, as well as share recorded Spaces across their networks.
  • Hosts can delete a Spaces Recording at any time, however, Twitter will still keep a data file of it for a period of 30-120 days in order to check for any abusive/hateful content.

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