Break the Hesitancy, Max the Vax! : Tata Mutual Fund

Break the Hesitancy, Max the Vax! : Tata Mutual Fund


Break the Hesitancy, Max the Vax! An interesting campaign to break out….

Yes, India has just crossed a 1 billion of vaccine jabs and “ Break the Hesitancy, Max the Vax!” debuts serendipitously. It is a campaign in line with our approach of building living brands. If you look at any of our campaigns over the last 3 years, we have put human emotion at the core and the fund, its pitch and performance are concentric to this emotion. It has helped us create a strong connect with our investors and prospective audiences. And the timing of every “living brand” campaign is important.

….but, asset Management and Vaccination? What could be the parallels?

Well, a sound body is as much an asset as a regularly invested portfolio. That’s the first commonality.

The other crucial one is that there is hesitancy in both cases. And that’s a bane that makes us vulnerable. Vaccination impacting life and investing impacting lifestyles. This campaign encourages us to not time the surge or dip in the markets or the pandemic and do what needs to be done. Understand the consequences, choose the right alternative, and fix it early to benefit in the long run. We have used a quasi-educative approach to articulate a need for a well invested nation in both health and financial growth.


Despite vaccination, social distancing is a must, so how do you paraphrase this with investing?

Well if you have invested, don’t tinker with your portfolio very often. Maintain a distance, give it a 3-5 year horizon with regular (fiscal) health checks. Very often we dig in doubt what we sow in faith. The complaints there after hold no ground. Much like the experts say vaccinate and yet maintain social distancing norms. Our physical and fiscal health is solely our responsibility. Everything around us is an enabler.


What’s the core of your audience? Why?

A large part of our demographic is the youth, the Gen Z and the Millennials. Its like the spine of the nation and its economy. Any hesitancy in this cohort will impact the well being of an entire generation. That’s the sweet spot for “Break the Hesitancy, Max the Vax”. The campaign hopes to nudge them with common learnings and need for Mutual Fund Investing and Vaccination.

Besides the festive season will see an uptick in social gatherings, we are just asking our audiences to stop, think and invest – in the party or a Systematic Investment Plan.

What is the approach to effective reach?

Without straying too far we have given an interesting twist to the commonly used acronyms in the Mutual Fund Industry and brought it down to what’s topmost on all our collective memory – the pandemic. The campaign runs on the digital and social space, given the fact that half the world is online and social media usage is growing at a 15-20% range*. The best way to cheer the campaign is to follow Tata Mutual Fund’s Social Media Handles.


Is there a skew of moment marketing in your campaigns?

I think we are seizing the moment, rather than using the moment marketing. None of our work is like a flash in the pan or a single celebratory creative. Just to trace back, Ek Aur SIP Ho Jaaye – encouraging SIP as a go to vehicle the best things money can buy, Har Din Sahi Hai – celebrating everyday as a mutual fund investing opportunity, Khud Pe Vishwaas – our brand’s clarion call, etc. are all ideas that can run till we stumble on a bigger one. Anything less than a long term approach will be contra to the asset management approach of sustained and regular investing.

Views are personal: The author is MVS Murthy, Head – Marketing & Digital at Tata Asset Management.

The views expressed in this article are personal in nature and in is no way trying to predict the markets or to time them. The views expressed are for information purpose only and do not construe to be any investment, legal or taxation advice. Any action taken by you on the basis of the information contained herein is your responsibility alone and Tata Asset Management will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by you. Please consult your Mutual Fund Distributor before investing. The views expressed in this article may not reflect in the scheme portfolios of Tata Mutual Fund.

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