Indian EV maker teams up with Lamborghini to make golf carts

Indian EV maker teams up with Lamborghini to make golf carts

An Indian maker of electric vehicles has teamed up with supercar maker Lamborghini SpA to develop Italian-designed and India-made golf carts across the world, with sales starting next year.

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd. plans to launch a range of “beautifully differentiated golf carts,” Chief Executive Officer Sulajja Firodia Motwani said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

“The golf cart market is a $3 billion market, and it is mainly dominated by markets in North America, the Middle East and parts of Asia where there’s a lot of tourism,” she said. “Golf carts are used not only for golf, but for hospitality, airports and hotels etc. So, this project of ours, this particular arm of Kinetic Green, would be focused on the global markets.”

While India has lagged behind most major markets in electrifying its cars, the South Asian nation has seen a surge in electric scooters and auto rickshaws, driven by lower prices and government support. Two- and three-wheeled vehicles accounted for 81% of India’s total automobile market of almost 19 million units in the year to March, according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

Kinetic Green, which currently manufactures three-wheeled electric vehicles and is developing two e-scooters, expects 70% of those vehicles on Indian roads to be cleaner in the next decade, Motwani said. Given the size of that market, India could be leading the world in terms of percentage of electric vehicles in the transportation sector in the next 10 years, she said.


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