twiningsovo: Specialty tea firm TwiningsOvo partners with Nihilent for digital centre

twiningsovo: Specialty tea firm TwiningsOvo partners with Nihilent for digital centre

UK-based TwiningsOvo, a major player in specialty tea, green tea and infusions, has partnered with Nihilent for creation of a digital centre in India. Twinings is part of the larger organization -Associated British Foods (ABF).

Nihilent is a global consulting and change management company that uses a human-centered approach to problem-solving.

“This partnership will enable the Twinings and Ovaltine brands (known as TwiningsOvo) to accelerate its digital ambition, build new innovative services and pivot it to the next level of technology maturity,” a company statement said.

The Centre will act as a pivot for TwiningsOvo to accelerate its digital capabilities and create an ecosystem that will power its business objectives, it added.

Moreover, the availability of a highly-skilled large talent pool will help TwiningsOvo to rapidly scale its business technology capabilities in sync with global business demands.

Nihilent will closely work with TwiningsOvo Business Technology organization, which has embarked on several transformational initiatives to build a stronger, simpler, faster organization to drive profitable growth.

Peter Taylor, CFO, Twinings, said observed, “We believe that the creation of the ‘Digital Centre’ will go a long way in manifesting our long-term business vision and providing consistent technology-enabled business operations.”

Nihilent is an ideal partner due to its rich experience, broad technology capabilities and good cultural fit, Taylor said.

Commenting on the launch of the centre, LC Singh, Director, and Executive Vice Chairman, Nihilent said, “TwiningsOvo’ partnership with Nihilent will help accelerate its Digital Transformation initiatives and at the same time usher in a nimble, agile, and superior digital capabilities.”

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