Practice the Bandha Sarvangasan and the Trikonasan

Practice the Bandha Sarvangasan and the Trikonasan

Practice the Bandha Sarvangasan and the Trikonasan for a flexible, yet focused portfolio

Practicing yoga daily can help you stay in shape and maintain a healthy body and mind. However, the really interesting thing about yoga is that it can also help you create a healthy and balanced investment portfolio. In our third episode of ‘Yoga for your mind, body, and portfolio’ podcast, we discuss how the bandha sarvangasan and the trikonasan can help you create a flexible portfolio even while you stay focused on your financial goals.

Key takeaways

The bandha sarvangasan or the bridge pose makes your body flexible, something which is important for your investment portfolio as well. As the investment climate and your personal circumstances change, it is important for you to be able to change your portfolio as well.

The trikonasan focuses on three elements that help you achieve the desired balance. The trikon for your portfolio is your return requirement, your risk appetite, and your investment time period. It is only when all these three factors are aligned that you can actually create wealth in the long run.

Practicing yoga daily in a disciplined manner can have significant long-term benefits. Similarly, investing regularly in a disciplined manner, maybe through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can potentially help you create long-term wealth.

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