mensa brands: Mensa Brands takes majority stake in 10 consumer brands

mensa brands: Mensa Brands takes majority stake in 10 consumer brands

Mensa Brands, the Thrasio-style venture from Ananth Narayanan, former CEO of Myntra and cofounder of Medlife, has acquired 10 new-age brands across categories such as fashion, beauty and personal care, and home. Five-month-old Mensa, which is trying to build a ‘tech-led house of brands’ has acquired anywhere between 51% and 75% in these brands and will grow them along with their original founders, Narayanan said.

These founders will work with Narayanan and his team. Mensa will have an option to acquire the rest of these companies over a period of five years if they achieve certain milestones. Mensa’s 10 acquisitions come at a time when this space is seeing increased action, with US-based Thrasio — which pioneered this business model in 2018 —
looking to enter India, as ET reported on Monday. SoftBank-backed
Globalbees has also acquired a few D2C brands.

“We partner with the brands though we are acquiring a majority. Over the next five years, based on certain metrics and milestones, we can decide on acquiring the rest of the stake. The reason we do it that way is so the founders are aligned with us and get to create value,” Narayanana said, adding that Mensa Brands is also aiming to take them global.

Karagiri, Priyaasi, Dennis Lingo, Ishin, Hubberholme, Anubhutee, Helea, Villain are among the brands in which Mensa Brands has picked up a majority stake. Each has an average revenue of $3-4 million. Mensa Brands,
which is backed by Tiger Global, Falcon Edge and others, typically looks at acquiring brands with anywhere from $1-10 million in revenue. Over the next 3 years, it will acquire more than 50 brands across the categories mentioned above, the company said in a statement.


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