khan: Opinions split over effects of Aryan’s arrest on Brand Shah Rukh Khan

khan: Opinions split over effects of Aryan’s arrest on Brand Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai | New Delhi: The arrest of Shahrukh Khan‘s son Aryan in the Mumbai cruise drug case on Sunday may have resulted in heavy trolling of the Bollywood superstar on social media, but most media and brand experts feel that the incident is unlikely to have any major impact on Brand SRK as it will soon “fade” from the “public memory”.

“While there is a lot of mauling on social media right now, people in general have become much more tolerant or acceptable to such ‘lifestyle transgressions’ of the celebrities,” said Sandeep Goyal, MD, Rediffusion and chief mentor of Indian Institute of Human Brands.

Goyal added that people will soon forget about this incident too as the media will move to the next issue. “Many celebrities were questioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the past but it didn’t affect their brand value as such. I don’t see Aryan’s arrest affecting SRK’s brand value,” he said.

Vinita Bangard, founder of Krossover Entertainment echoed Goyal. “There is a lot of speculation but this incident is unlikely to have any impact on brand SRK,” she said.

Khan, who endorses more than a dozen brands, including Byju’s, Big Basket, D’decor, Dubai Tourism and Reliance Jio, was ranked 4th in Duff &Phelps’ ‘Celebrity Brand Valuation Study’ with brand value of $51.1 million.

However, some media pundits disagree.

Shaaminder Malik, an expert on trade and entertainment matters, said that some brands and upcoming films of Khan will definitely bear the brunt of this incident. “Brands like Byju’s, which is about education, will get trolled heavily. A Vimal Pan Masala and other brands may not get that much negative publicity,” said Malik. “His son’s arrest has definitely created negative publicity for Shahrukh and might impact future films of the star. Bollywood has many camps and you might see boycott calls when his films will be nearing release.”

Many tweeted that Byju’s “must immediately” drop him as brand ambassador.

Malik said though SRK has a cleaner track record, unlike Salman Khan who has been involved in controversies including alleged blackbuck poaching case and a hit-and-run case, what Shahrukh doesn’t have is public sympathy. “With Being Human and his other charities, Salman has a major image makeover from being a bad boy to a man with a golden heart. The public persona of Shahrukh is that he is classy, but unapproachable. There is less sympathy for him.

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