Creator Day India: Facebook sees a surge in monetising creators in India

Creator Day India: Facebook sees a surge in monetising creators in India

Bengaluru: Facebook said it has seen over 35% growth year-over-year in the number of monetising creators and video publishers in India and over 160% growth in in-stream revenue earned by monetising creators and video publishers.

The details were shared on the day Facebook launched a creator education program in India as it looks to build a strong creator economy around its family of apps.

‘Born-on-Instagram’ is a self-paced e-learning certification program available to all users. It will provide Instagram creators an opportunity to learn, earn and grow their communities.

The program will provide live masterclasses with experts, the latest information on trends, product updates, and challenges to keep up with what’s unfolding on Instagram. It will also provide creators the option to unlock monetary opportunities through various rewards and brand partnerships.

Creator Day India saw keynotes from Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, who spoke about the success of Reels in India, the importance of India, and the work that’s in progress to help creators earn a living on the platform., also highlighted the value of the family of apps for creators to build their communities

“Creators across India are shaping popular culture, and we are proud that our platforms play a big role in unleashing their creativity and helping them earn a living. The building blocks of a creator economy are coming into place. And we are keen to lean in to enable creators to learn, earn and grow their communities on our platforms,” said Ajit Mohan, VP and MD, Facebook India.


Homegrown startups such as Zoomcar and are hiring top talent from India and around the world to help them unlock the next level of growth.

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The company highlighted the monetization tools, including in-stream ads, available for creators. It also spoke of monetization tools like paid online events which was launched during the pandemic to enable content creators to earn money from events such as concerts, cooking classes, virtual tours among others.

Facebook said the announcements were a testament to the company’s commitment to the creator ecosystem in India and build over several iterations in the product that have happened through the year.

This includes the launch of Remix on Reels, testing of products first in India, such as the ability for Instagram creators to have their Reels recommended on Facebook and for people to create Reels on Facebook, and introduction of ‘collab’ where India again was one of the first countries to test it.

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