HDFC bank issues 400,000 credit cards after embargo

HDFC bank issues 400,000 credit cards after embargo

After the embargo on HDFC Bank was lifted last month, they have issued over 400,000 credit cards, a report by the Business Standard says.

This signifies the aggressive growth that the private lender has made since then. This record issuance is as of September 21, 2021.

HDFC Bank was looking to get back to its pre-embargo run rate of 300,000 credit cards per month, which they had planned to achieve in the next 2-3 months. After that, they expected to hit 500,000 credit cards per month from February 2022.

“As a leader in the cards space, we promised, we’d be back with a bang. We are now pushing the pedal not only to acquire new customers, but also to enhance offerings of our existing cards,” the Business Standard report quoted Parag Rao, group head – Payments, Consumer Finance, Digital Banking & IT, HDFC Bank, as saying.

The bank expects to achieve growth in the credit cards business on the back of new alliances with a number of industrial sectors.

Pre-embargo, the open market customer acquisition was less than 20 per cent, which may now go up to 22-24 per cent, the bank has indicated. This is because the bank is coming up with several new initiatives in the upcoming months which include co-branded cards with corporate India spanning pharma, travel, FMCG, hospitality, telecom, and


“Our strategy to re-invent, create and co-create has been crafted based on the analysis of customers’ buying behaviour, the categories they spend on and the spend patterns. The months that we have spent readying and sharpening our strategy are now bearing fruit. We are ready to unveil best in class offerings and experience to our customers, just in time for festive season,” he added.

As of July (latest data), HDFC Bank has 14.76 million credit cards in the market. Its market share in outstanding credit cards dropped by more than 2 per cent due to the restrictions imposed by the regulator.

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