Teleperformance to hire in India, expand cloud campus

Teleperformance to hire in India, expand cloud campus

Pune: Business solutions provider Teleperformance plans to hire more than 50,000 people in India in the next 12 months, in line with the headcount additions over the past few years, India CEO Aditya Arora said.

The firm is investing in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, which will do away with certain jobs. but the demand for non-voice interaction on strategic tasks and customer management roles will continue. “Voice transactions will go away and non-voice interaction will happen more, and as an organisation we are gearing up towards providing digitally integrated services,” Arora said.

This means training and upgrading employees to enable them to be the single point of contact for all the customers’ needs, allowing the company to better utilise its workforce and save costs for the customer.

Arora said he expects to see an increase in back-office work, even as voice declines. Demand is increasing across verticals, particularly healthcare and new age companies.

In August last year, Teleperformance launched the Cloud Campus in India, a virtual platform to help remote teams work more effectively and drive a seamless customer experience. In addition to customer service, the company is using the platform to remotely onboard employees.

“The impact of Teleperformance Cloud Campus in India since its launch in August 2020 has been exceptional. We started with three clients and today our client base stands at over 50,” said Arora. In the past year, the company has set up nearly 20 such hubs around the world, including in cities such as Mohali, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Jaipur in India.


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“This change was achieved by leveraging the use of the latest technology that focuses on emphasising and supporting human interactions, and also by developing a virtual floor with a permanent, open-line connection to recreate an office environment that offers zero-disruption services,” said Arora.

The company expects to implement a hybrid working model in the future, which will make the cloud campus even more important, said Arora. “In a hybrid model, if two people are working from the office and two from their homes, then this is the single platform which will uniformly integrate all of us,” he said.

Teleperformance is working on gradually upgrading the platform, based on feedback from employees and customers.

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