Petrol GST: 77% of Indians want petrol and diesel under GST: LocalCircles survey

Petrol GST: 77% of Indians want petrol and diesel under GST: LocalCircles survey

Almost four out of every five Indians want petrol and diesel to come under Goods and Services Tax (GST), as they grapple with the rising cost, a LocalCircles survey said.

About 77% of the respondents said that they would want petrol and diesel under GST.

“Majority of the Indian households want petrol and diesel to be moved under GST as it will immediately have a huge positive impact on the cost of living. Even at 28% GST rates the prices of petrol post such a move will slide to Rs 75 a litre and diesel to Rs70 a litre. This could give a huge impetus to the economy and businesses via increased consumer spending,” the LocalCircles survey said.

Experts say that in the short term both the centre and states could see a loss of revenue.

Rising prices of petrol in India hovering between Rs 100-110 a litre in most cities and that of diesel between Rs 90-100 a litre for almost 12 months now has had an adverse impact on how citizens commute, how much essentials and other goods cost, and how people draw up their personal finances, at a time when Indian households are recovering from the shock of a brutal second Covid wave. In a LocalCircles survey conducted in first half of 2021, 51% households said that they have cut spending to cope with high petrol/diesel prices; 21% had even cut essentials spending and were feeling the pinch strongly while 14% expressed they were even dipping into savings to pay for it, the survey said.

The survey received more than 7500 responses from citizens located in 379 districts of India. 61% of the participants were men while 39% were women. 44% of respondents were from tier 1 districts, 29% from tier 2 and 27% respondents were from tier 3, 4 and rural districts.

Given that the GST council is scheduled to meet today, LocalCircles has conducted another survey to understand citizens’ pulse on whether petrol and diesel should be brought under the purview of GST.

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