How To Start Real Estate Business

What Real Estate

Real Estate means real, or physical, property. It helps any person to get air rights and land rights in a place or building property, land, building, etc. “Real “Latin is derived from the root res but some people say that it is derived from the Latin word Rex, meaning” royal “, because the kings were the owners of all the lands in their states, all according to their own definitions. But it means real, or physical, property, because inside the Real Estate business, the work of building and selling plots, houses, shops, buildings, flats, etc. is done. Real estate is divided into four parts Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Plots. Can be divided into real estate.

What Real Estate Business

Within the Real Estate business, the works related to plot, house, shop, building, flat are done, such as those who are Real Estate Agent or Property Dealer, they do the work of selling and getting the plot, house, shop, building, flat and There are builders, they build houses, shops, buildings, flats and sell them and some builders also build houses, shops, buildings, flats and give them on rent, so all the work related to the land is done inside the Real Estate business.

Type Of Real Estate Business

Real estate business is done in many ways like: –

Become a landlord
Flip property
Become a real estate agent
Real estate photographer
Land trade
Property management
Construction management work

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent is also called Property Dealer. Real Estate Agent’s job is to get house, shop, building, flat property dealing and it is very cheap and very easy way to do real estate business because it does not require much money. There is no more risk that one has to buy any property like house, shop, building, flat and get them property and who has to sell any property like house, shop, building, flat, to sell their property is the real estate agent’s In this work, the Real Estate Agent takes a commission from both sides.
And Real Estate Agent earns a lot of money from very big real estate company.

Earlier, the property dealer did not need a degree and certificate license.

But now if a property dealer needs a certificate license

And a lot of money can be made inside this business.


This business requires a lot of investment, but there is also a lot of money in it. Today you will hear the names of many well-known builders like Mangal Prabhat Lodha is the richest real estate builder in the country by building a big building inside this business. Their flats are saved but this business can do even from a small level, but before coming into this business, the work of real estate agent must be done, which will be known about the property of all the areas.

And you can find the right location and investment for the builder’s business, but for this business you have to first register in the name of a company, after that you can do this business because when working on a project, then someone inside it For not having a Govt issue, it is necessary to register in the name of the company, after that build a building within a good area and earn good money by selling flats.

Flip Property

Property flipping, which many people are hearing for the first time, but this business has been running for many years, this business should have a good knowledge of construction because inside property flipping, by purchasing an entire building or house and repairing it within it By giving him a modern look, he is sold for good money and earns good money because old houses and buildings are found at very cheap prices and by putting some money in them, you can earn money by selling them at a good price.

But for this business, there should be a good knowledge of construction work, so that by applying a little money, the house can be repaired and your good money can be saved.

Construction Management

This business is a very good business for a student with a civil engineering bake ground. Students of civil engineering in this business can work easily, in this person has to look for construction management work like many different sites of many company / If the building is being built then they have to contact their construction management, instead of which they give good money, then if any person is well aware of construction management, then he can do this business and if the student has studied civil engineering If curry, it can do business and it can do business both in part time and full time.

Property Management

If no one has money and no land, the best way to earn money for it is because you do not have to invest much money in it. Within this business, you have to contact many big real estate company and run your business because many If a big real estate company has too much property, then they have to look for people with good skills to manage their property, who have a little knowledge of real estate, then if any person wants to get into the real estate business, then you want to get real. You can also adopt the method of managing property in the estate.
In property management too, there are many people who work for real estate companies to take care of property and collect rent and earn a lot of money.

Real Estate Photographer

If you know good photography, then you can earn good money inside Real Estate Business Hindi because everything has gone digital today, so if you want to buy some property, then first check it on the internet and then to buy it. Checks the place so if someone wants to sell a house, shop, building, flat, then uploads a good photo of it on their website and for this, that is why the property seller sees a professional photographer to take a good photo, so if If you know good photography, then you can earn a lot of money inside the business of Real Estate and right now this business is also slowly starting in India, so if you want to earn money in this market then it is a good business.

Real estate business start up process 2021

Real estate business is one of the most lucrative business in India and the second largest business after agriculture. The real estate sector can be divided into three main categories: Commercial, Commercial, Residential Residential and Land Land with all sectors booming in India due to growing middle class and foreign investment in India. Is expected to make it very attractive to touch and start a real estate business in India.

1) Obtaining real estate agent license: These days the state government is making it compulsory to have real estate agent license to run this kind of business. Generally, the District Deputy Commissioner issues this license. To check the application with the nearest Sub Register Office / Municipal Corporation. Varies from state to state. Generally, the fee for property dealer license is Rs. 25, 000 fee for a person and company or society Rs. 50,000.

2) Real Estate Company Registration:

You should have firm decisions about which company to register, like Private Limited, LLP, Partnership Firm or One Person Company.
To see if the company already exists, search for the company name.
A trademark registration application is required to register the company name.
Memorandum of Association (MOA) Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Association of Associations (AOA) Association of Associations (AOA). Preparation of draft.
Filing of e-form with ROC (Registrar of Companies) ROC (Registrar of Companies).
Payment of ROC fee and stamp duty.
Verification of documents / forms by Registrar of Companies (ROC).
Incorporation Certificate by ROC.

Real estate business start up process 2021
3) GST registration for real estate company: – Services provided by real estate business are taxable under GST law, therefore GST registration is necessary for real estate business.

4) Business Plan Draft: – After taking all the necessary licenses, a draft of the business plan is prepared, a lot of things have to be put in it such as: – targeting customer groups, competitive pricing, accurate sales forecasts, market analysis and marketing strategies all things business The plan has to be put in the draft.

5) Training for Real Estate: – There are some companies in India that conduct seminars and training for real estate candidates all over India, then you can participate in those seminars so that you can hear a lot of things. And you will also get business coaches from which you can also take training.

6) Select your sector in real estate: – Within Real Estate, there are many businesses also. Select one of them.

7) Inspect: – Inspect the business after selecting it.

8) Start the business by selecting the location: – Business at the right location

Before starting a real estate business, also keep in mind important things: (Real Estate Business Hindi Process)
Before doing real estate business, make a good business plan and then start the business.
One must get the registration of the business legally, otherwise there will be no problem, other people will believe a lot. Attend camp and seminar, which will increase your knowledge.
Try to make maximum contact Do not give false information about any property to your customer.
Spend as much time inside the business. Hope the information given by us will work for you, if the information looks good then share and comment

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